Now excepting applications… March 28, 2013

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So the hunt is over!  Thank the stars where God resides, because I was starting to lose it (my mind).

It is so crazy to endure all the crazy feelings that are involved before, during, and after with jobs.  I was at a job I hated and tortured myself all day with the thought of where else I could be, what else I could be doing which didn’t involve making another dime for the man.  I took a stand for what I believed in (me) and was fired from that job.  Whoosh…bring on the feeling of sadness, relief, and frustration!  Those aren’t a good mix to work with people!!!!

Let the job hunt begin…bring on the feeling of worthlessness!  Your telling me that I am not as awesome as I thought I was, what the hell people!  Day after day torturing myself with the what If’s.  AND trying to stay positive so I don’t drive away my amazing fiancé.♥

Got a job….insert ecstatic relieved excitement here!  Only goes to show (me) that God does answer prayers, sometimes with a not this one, or a not now.  But he answers them for sure.


One Response to “Now excepting applications…”

  1. sarah Says:

    Well said my love!

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