the POWer of asking for or receiving help… January 25, 2013

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When you have the feeling that you are drowning and you cannot keep our head above water IT IS OKAY to ask for HELP.

I recently had my eyes opened by someone close to me that it is OK to admit you need help. More importantly it is ok to ask for help. As I have stated before this year is a year of growth for me. A big huge hit I have taken and conquered is telling people I need help. By learned behavior I was taught that I am a women, I don’t need help, I’ve got this…until I realized I didn’t. Once excepted it became easier…

A few weeks ago I realized I was in a new situation that I couldn’t handle on my own and once again asked for help, but this time it was easier. I went to a friend I had lost touch with due to the busy life we all lead. In asking for help and explaining my situation I realized my friend needed my help as bad as I needed hers. So we were able to help one another and it has actually rekindled our friendship. I believe that life presents us with opportunities, some we ignore, others we grab!

With that said ask for help and don’t forget Please and Thank You.


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