~ Planting the seed ~ January 24, 2013

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On my quest to personal growth I have started with several activities that I have been talking about for a couple of years now. You are actually here sharing my first with me! I have always admired other bloggers, so I have finally taken the plunge. I have never been a strong writer and figure I will maybe gain some confidence and gather a better basket of grammar while I’m at it! 🙂

Secondly, I am learning Spanish. I will eventually be moving to the sunny state of Florida so I figure it can’t hurt me! I’ve got my basic colors down…so far so good!!

I’m going to need your help with some motivation on the third. I am running a half marathon in April. This is actually the third one that I have verbally committed to…

lucky # 3!

Peace For Now ~ Never Stop Growing


2 Responses to “~ Planting the seed ~”

  1. McKenzie Says:

    Once I get the okay to run, I’ll do some workouts with you. Don’t think I’ll make the 13 miles, but I’d gladly do some easy runs with you.

  2. Rebekah Says:

    So excited to read your blog!

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